Dougherty Financial Planning, LLC
Statistical & Fundamental Investment Advisory

Dougherty Financial Planning is a “fee only” advisor, prioritizing
client needs and risk tolerances over commissions.


Dougherty Financial Planning is a Florida registered investment advisor that utilizes both statistical and fundamental analysis to manage client assets. 

We represent a wide range of clients including everyday working people, local business owners, and high net worth individuals.  We use econometric models to analyze market conditions and develop investment strategies. Then, we use  fundamental analysis and valuation models to invest your money tactically.  

Dougherty Financial Planning does not receive commissions from any type of financial product.***

Investment Methods

We use a proprietary 20 variable statistical model, common sense, and traditional valuation models, to understand the Intrinsic value of the stock market.  Unlike the discussions of most investment pundits on television, financial markets are not valued on a univariate basis.  The intrinsic value of the stock market is based on hundreds if not thousands of variables.

We use various traditional and complex analyses and models to determine the relative value of both “value” and “growth” stocks.  Value Stocks without organic revenue, earnings, and cash flow growth offer very little long-term value. However, growth stocks that command an excess premium also offer very little value. Value and growth are inextricably linked.

Then, utilizing your risk tolerance and demographics, we develop a tailored investment portfolio combining intrinsic value, dividends and income, and hedges.

20 Variable Econometric Model

This is a visual representation of the the variables and mathematics behind the model. Each variable is assigned a weighting based on its predictive accuracy and the summation of those weightings and variables provides an estimate for the S&P 500 1 year in the future.

The model is derived from decades of data as well as certain proprietary methods. This model is not designed for trading applications, but is used by DFP to assess the health and intrinsic value of the S&P 500. In addition to this model (technical analysis), Dougherty Financial Planning uses fundamental analysis to assess and value the S&P 500 and other securities. For an example of fundamental analysis, please see the valuation summary on the “Investment Philosophy” page.

Financial Planning Philosophy (Summary)

A financial plan should be easy to understand and inexpensive.  Planning priority should be placed on simple, executable savings goals and risk appetite. Matters of liquidity, intermediate savings, insurance protection, retirement planning, college savings and estate planning should be discussed and implemented based on client need (as opposed to sales funnel).