Stetson University

Mr. Dougherty graduated cum laude from Stetson University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (concentration in finance). Mr. Dougherty was a Roland George Investment Program merit scholar at Stetson University and was selected by his peers to serve on its Board of Trustees for one semester.


Florida State University

Early in his career, Mr. Dougherty considered a PHD candidacy in finance.  So, after graduating from Stetson, Mr. Dougherty enhanced his mathematical and analytical skills by enrolling and completing calculus I-III, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, and an Introduction to C++ at Florida State University. Mr. Dougherty utilizes many of the skills obtained in these courses to analyze macroeconomic and investing conditions. 

Finance Employment

KCM Asset Management

While serving on the Board of Trustees for the Roland George Investment Program, the programs administrator, Kwan-Chen Ma, PHD invited Mr. Dougherty to intern at his quantitative hedge fund, KCM Asset Management. Although Mr. Dougherty served as a clerical employee at KCM, he was exposed to the arena of high-finance, and the technical aspects of trading algorithms, market-neutral trading strategies, and theoretical development of new investment strategies.

Banking Career

Mr. Dougherty started his career in commercial banking,  working with various financial institutions in credit risk management and working his way into financial accounting, capital raising, and large customer relationship management. During his tenure in credit administration, Mr. Dougherty was responsible for underwriting at least $400M in commercial loans. 

In the later part of his career, Mr. Dougherty developed a loan portfolio and bank stress test employing sophisticated statistical and financial analysis to help bank management placate regulatory and BOD oversight. Mr. Dougherty satisfied his entrepreneurial spirit by purchasing a small automotive repair business and consulting with financial institutions (stress testing loan portfolios). Please see Mr. Dougherty’s brochure supplement for more information on his educational background and career.